What type of refurbishments do we like doing?

That is a question that we often get asked here at southlondonrefurbishments.co.uk and that means that it is a question that our customers often think about.

We speciliaze in a variety of refurbishments and have been at it for over 20 years. Our pride and our main happiness of being in this business is making other people’s visions a reality.

A great story that we tell a lot of our clients is that we started this business after a failed refurbishment of our own house.

My wife and I had recently bought a house with a damaged basement. We decided to refurbish it with a small gym and a storage space for extra things we didn’t want to keep in the house.

The refurbishment went horribly. We broke pipes, we dug too deep into the ground, and we made mistakes we didnt think we could commit.

Here’s what we tried to avoid

Thousands of pounds later we decided to learn everything we could about refurbishments and try our best to make the best situation of what we had. After a couple months of learning we finally realised all the things we had been doing wrong.

6 months after we bought the house we had finished the refurbishment and it was a complete miracle. We were extremely ecstatic and decided to continue with refurbishments and turn it into a small business to help out other people.

These are just a few of the type of refurbishments we offer:

  1. Home Extensions
  2. Kitchens and Bathrooms
  3. Interior and Exterior work
  4. Insurance Work
  5. Project management

These are just a few of the main projects we’ve decided to continue pursuing however we’ve got a complete set of skills that could be extremely complementary depending on whatever project you have in mind.

We are open to any offers and are happy to work with clients in wimbledon, fulham, chelsea, clapham and the rest of south west london.

Don’t forget that we’re also decorators and painters. We can do any of these jobs to the full extent if necessary. We can do all of these complementary jobs in unison for a large project as well it all depends on the budget of the client and the exact goal that the client is looking for on their project.

We hope this helped to clear up what it is exactly that we decided to do.

We hope to be in contact with you soon!