New partnership in the works! Commercial and vehicle refurbishments!

We just wanted to put out a little blog to announce a new partnership that we’ve been working on over the last year and a half.

A lot has changed for us, we’ve changed owners and have made different goals over the next few years.

What has stayed the same? Our love and dedication to the community of people we’ve built around London.

It’s not often that you get lucky with loving what you do from early on in your life. I loved working on construction and seeing my visions come into reality. If you paid attention to our last blog you’d find out about how we got into this business.

Probably the thing we’re most proud of is how long we’ve been able to sustain a great business in a wonderful community. We’ve gotten to know a great deal of customers through our work that have thanked us eternally for the work we’ve done for them.

But that isn’t even the most rewarding thing, in my honest opinion. For us, it’s being able to see the real change in a community that gives us the greatest sense of joy.

Knowing that a family will be able to live in their home peacefully because of a successful renovation after worrying about mold, improper initial building or a leaky faucet.

Don’t forget that we do all of that! We’ve even opened up this year new areas of business that we’d like to start. The first will be commercial refurbishment. We’re really interested in finally diving in to this sector.

We’ve flourished within the private home sector for years and are very proud for all the work we’ve done but feel that our effort could be more effective in bigger projects.

Commercial refurbishment is a similar line of business except with commercial businesses and offices. Many companies after they buy a building or a floor within an office building want it completely different.

We’d love to be the company that goes in and makes their vision a reality. We hope you stay with us during this journey and accompany us all the way there.

Another line of business that we’d like to get into is car refurbishment! We have a significant love of cars in our business and would love to translate that to opportunities that we can provide for other businesses.

We are specifically thinking of starting off with electric vehicles! We are making a big bet on electric vehicles as we think that is where the future is headed. We are excited to announce our partnership with Used Tesla World!

They are a UK based company that helps people find used teslas and parts in the uk! We really recommend you check them out as they’ve done a fantastic thing for the Tesla community in the UK.

They’ve built a free marketplace where people can go on and post their Teslas for sale as well as any parts that you’re looking to sell. We’re happy to get started with them as they have a variety of clients that are looking for refurbishments of their new electric cars they’re buying.

We hope you guys are liking these new blogs and we can keep you all updated! As always if you ever need any type of refurbishment let us know!